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The Unveiling

Five strangers. A mysterious old house. The body they find in a secret room is only the start. Their lives will change forever.

An anonymous invitation draws Anna to the imposing, isolated Grimwald House, where she and four other guests attend a series of increasingly bizarre evenings in which dark secrets from their pasts are revealed.

In a hidden room they find the body of a woman, and as they unravel the mystery of her death, tragic events begin to unfold in their own lives. Who was she and how will her past endanger their futures?

A romantic obsession, a betrayal of trust, a devastating decision, a shocking accusation, and a terrifying revelation. They will each have to face the consequences of their actions, Anna most of all, but can she also uncover the real reason they have been brought together at this strange old house?

The truth will be unveiled…

Available in paperback, e-book, and Kindle Unlimited.


What readers are saying about The Unveiling

"A creepy and unsettling thriller... keeps you guessing throughout"
"Love this book it was a total surprise and a great thrilling read!"
"Gripping from the start and I couldn't wait to read more"
"Each character's secret is pretty juicy and you will definitely want to keep reading to find out what they are or were capable of"
"The Unveiling had a twist at every turn, and I simply couldn't wait for the next chapter"

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